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Announcement of training workshop

Parental Assessment of Role Confusion Scales ( PARC)

Trainer:  Lauriane Vulliez-Coady, Ph.D
                (under Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Ph.D’s, supervision)
Training Dates:  June 4-5th, 2014 ;  November 6-7th, 2014

Brief Description of the PARC:

The Parental Assessment of Role Confusion was developed in 2010 in Dr. Lyons-Ruth’s research laboratory to assess parental role-confusion based on how the parent talks about the relationship with their child on the one-hour Experiences of Caregiving Interview (ECI, George & Solomon).  The measure focuses on the structure of the parent–child relationship rather than on the affective quality and assesses nine aspects of role confusion evident in the ECI. The possibility of  a shortened interview format for clinical use will also be discussed.

 In previous research, PARC scores were validated in relation to observational measures of role-confusion in interaction with the child, both in infancy (AMBIANCE) and in late adolescence (GPACS).  The measure also shows good  discriminant validity in relation to other profiles of parent–infant and parent–adolescent interaction that are not role-confused, including punitive and disoriented profiles. (references below)

Location:  University Hospital, 2 boulevard Fleming, Besançon, France
(2 hours by car from Geneva airport, 2 hours  by car or by train from Lyon and Basel airport,  2h30 by train from Paris)

Please contact  .fr  for further inquires and/or to express interest in attending the training workshop.

Objectives of the workshop:

  1. To review the development and conceptual framework of the coding system for assessing parental role confusion on the Experiences of Caregiving Interview; 
  2. To review and discuss a series of training transcripts and learn the methodology for coding the varied dimensions of parental role-confusion.
      • A maximum of 10 trainees can be accommodated.   
      • Coding homework will be provided on the last day of the workshop.

Fee for attending workshop:  300 €/person for the 2-day workshop and all associated consultation on coding and reliability computations.  This includes 10 training transcripts,  follow-up phone and/or email consultation around coding issues, and computation of reliabilities. One copy of the 10 reliability transcripts will be provided to each person/lab.

Reduced Fee for laboratory group:  200 €/ person or possibility to organize the training workshops  in your  own laboratory (1000 €  plus  travel expenses)

Publications :

Vulliez-Coady L., Obsuth I., Torreiro-Casal M., Lyons-Ruth K. (2013) Maternal Role-Confusion: Relations to Maternal Attachment and Mother-Child Interaction from Infancy to Adolescence. Infant Mental Health Journal, 34(2), 117-131.

Lyons-Ruth, K., Bureau, J.-F., Easterbrooks, M., Obsuth, I., Hennighausen, K. H., & Vulliez-Coady, L. (2013). Parsing the construct of maternal insensitivity: distinct longitudinal pathways associated with early maternal withdrawal. Attachment & Human Development. 15(5-6):562-82.