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Szymanska, M., Comte, A., Tio, G., Vidal, C., Monnin, J., Chateau Smith, C., Nezelof, S., Vulliez-Coady, L. (2019).

The Besançon Affective Picture Set-Adult (BAPS-Adult): Development and validation.

We developed and validated a new picture database of attachment-related photographs, the BAPS-Adult. Participants (N = 315) rated 256 pictures, according to dimension (valence, arousal, and dominance) using Self-Assessment Manikins (SAM), emotional category (positive, negative, mixed, and neutral) using labels, and discrete emotion (comfort, joy, complicity, distress, horror, and hate) using linear scales. Pictures were then classified into four types, depending on content (distress, comfort, complicity-joy, and neutral). Dimensional ratings of valence, arousal, and dominance, as well as discrete emotion ratings, differed significantly from each other between picture types. The BAPS-Adult is a new, highly discriminated database, allowing researchers to select from a variety of pre-rated, attachment-related pictures.

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