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Barbier, M., Chometton, S., Pautrat, A., Miguet-Alfonsi, C., Datiche, F., Gascuel, J., Fellmann, D., Peterschmitt, Y., Coizet, V., Risold, P. Y. (2020)

A basal ganglia-like cortical–amygdalar–hypothalamic network mediates feeding behavior.

The network connecting the insular cortex, the central nucleus of the amygdala, and a caudal hypothalamic nuclear complex including the parasubthalamic nucleus (PSTN) is of interest due to its role in controlling feeding behavior. Here, we show that the organization of this network is similar to that of the basal ganglia network, implying that both fit within a simplified structural plan of the forebrain. Then, we demonstrate that the PSTN complex modulates behavior in response to hedonic factors normally inducing a “reward effect.” The PSTN complex is involved in a “non-feed” response equivalent of a “non-reward” evaluation: “I don’t want to consume this food, recognized as good, because I am not in a conducive emotional or physiological state.”

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