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Integrative and Clinic Neuroscience Laboratory EA-481

The Neuroscience Laboratory was formed in 1996 and has since been recognized as a research team, or Équipe d'Accueil (EA 481), by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. EA 481 is a multidisciplinary research team in the field of integrative and clinical neuroscience. The team currently consists of about fifty staff including research professors, university-hospital staff (psychiatrists, neurologists etc.), engineers and technicians, and hosts about fifteen doctoral students. The Neuroscience Laboratory is one of the teams forming the French federal research institute dedicated to cell and tissue engineering and biology, known as SFR FED 4234. The laboratory is also a research support structure for the Masters in Physiology, Neuroscience and Behavior, an accredited degree course which has been offered by the University of Franche-Comte since 2004, and is accessible to students from Biology, Medicine, Psychology and other courses.

Originally centered around the study of the olfactory system using cellular, tissue and behavioral approaches, the research areas of the EA 481 team now extend to multimodal sensory integration (to take into account other chemosensory modalities), and also tackle thymic or emotional processes including pathological aspects. Due to its close anatomo-functional interrelationships with emotional processes, the olfactory modality remains a popular subject of research. The methodological approaches developed by the EA 481 team are based on molecular and cellular biology, stereotactic microsurgery, behavior analysis, psychophysics, psychophysiology and brain imaging (fMRI).

Close collaborations on different research projects exist with other laboratories on a local level (other teams from the SFR FED 4234, the Ledoux Centre for Human and Environmental Sciences, USR CNRS 3124, and the Centre for Clinical Investigation, Innovation and Technology, CIC-IT, at Besancon University Hospital), a national scale (notably within the PRES Burgundy/Franche-Comte Centre for Research and Higher Education ), and internationally.