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Vincent Van Waes

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Vincent Van Waes
Bâtiment Rabelais
19 rue Ambroise Paré
25030 Besançon Cedex FRANCE
Bureau R119
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Téléphone : +33 (0)

  Vincent Van Waes Laboratoire de Neurosciences Intégratives et Clinique Besancon
Exemple de stage   tDCS in mice   Ritalin + Prozac = cocaine?
Contrat FRA
Collaboration INSERM ERI 24 (Amiens, France)   Collaboration Chicago Medical School (USA)

Cursus, carrière

• Impact of repeated anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on addiction-related behaviors, mood and cognition: preclinical studies
(University of Franche Comté) (Actualité)

• Regulation of basal ganglia-cortical interactions by psychostimulants: methylphenidate-SSRIs interactions
(Chicago Medical School)

• Ethanol vulnerability in adolescent and adult rats: Impact of prenatal stress
(University of Lille 1 / Universita La Sapienza, Roma)

Domaine de recherche

• Thématiques: Addiction, Dépression, Stress, Stimulation transcrânienne par courant continu, Adolescence.

• Outils: Modèle animal, Comportement, Expression génique.


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1) Peanlikhit T., Van Waes V., Pedron S., Risold P.Y., Haffen E., Etievant A., and Monnin J. 
The antidepressant-like effect of tDCS in mice: a behavioral and neurobiological Characterization
Brain Stimulation, Vol. 10(4), p 748-756, 2017 

2) Pedron S., Beverley J., Haffen E., Andrieu P., Steiner H., and Van Waes V.
Transcranial direct current stimulation produces long-lasting attenuation of cocaine-induced behavioral responses and gene regulation in corticostriatal circuits
Addiction Biology, In press, 2016 

3) Chometton S., Pedron, S., Peterschmitt Y., Van Waes V., Fellmann D., and Risold P.Y.
A premammillary lateral hypothalamic nuclear complex responds to hedonic but not aversive tastes in male rat
Brain Structure and Function, Vol. 221(4), p 109-116, 2016

4) Van Waes V., Ehrlich S., Beverley J., and Steiner H.
Fluoxetine potentiation of methylphenidate-induced gene regulation in striatal output pathways: Potential role for 5-HT1B receptor
Neuropharmacology, Vol. 89C, p 77-86, 2015 

5) Bennabi D.*, Pedron, S.*, Haffen E., Monnin J., Peterschmitt Y., and Van Waes V.  Full text here
Transcranial direct current stimulation for cognitive enhancement: from clinical research to animal models
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, Vol. 8, Art. 159, 2014 (* co-first authors)

6) Beverley J., Piekarski C., Van Waes V., and Steiner H.
Potentiated gene regulation by methylphenidate plus fluoxetine treatment: Long-term gene blunting (Zif268, Homer1a) and behavioral correlates
Basal Ganglia, Vol. 4, p 106-116, 2014 

7)  Pedron S., Monnin J., Haffen E., Sechter D., and Van Waes V.
Repeated transcranial direct current stimulation prevents abnormal behaviors associated with abstinence from chronic nicotine consumption
Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 39(4), p 981-8, 2014

8)  Steiner H., Warren B., Van Waes V., and Bolaños-Guzmán C.
Life-long consequences of juvenile exposure to psychotropic drugs on brain and behavior
Progress in Brain Research, Vol. 211, p 13-30, 2014

9)  Van Waes V., Vandrevala B., Beverley J., and Steiner H.
SSRIs potentiate gene blunting induced by repeated methylphenidate treatment: Zif268 vs. Homer1a
Addiction Biology, Vol. 19(6), p 986-95, 2013

10)  Steiner H. and Van Waes V.
Addiction-Related Gene Regulation: Risks of exposure to cognitive enhancers vs. other psychostimulants
Progress in Neurobiology, Vol. 100, p 60-80, 2013

11)  Van Waes V., Carr B., Beverley J., and Steiner H.
Fluoxetine potentiation of methylphenidate-induced neuropeptide expression in the striatum occurs selectively in the direct (striatonigral) neurons
Journal of Neurochemistry, Vol. 122, Issue 5, p 1054-64, 2012

12)  Van Waes V., Beverley J., Siman H., Tseng K.Y, and Steiner H.
CB1 cannabinoid receptor expression in the striatum: association with corticostriatal circuits and developmental regulation
Frontiers in Neuropharmacology, Vol. 3, Art. 21, 2012

13)  Van Waes V., Tseng K.Y, and Steiner H.
GPR88: a putative signaling molecule predominantly expressed in the striatum; Cellular localization and developmental regulation
Basal Ganglia, Vol. 1, Issue 2, p 83-89, 2011

14)  Van Waes V., Darnaudéry M., Marrocco J., Gruber S., Talavera E., Mairesse J., Van Camp G., Casolla B., Nicoletti F., Mathe A., Maccari S. and Morley-Fletcher S.
Impact of early life stress on alcohol consumption and on the short-and long-term responses to alcohol in adolescent female rats
Behavioural Brain Research, Vol. 221, Issue 1, p 43-49 2011

15)  Van Waes V., Enache M., Berton O., Vinner E., Lhermitte M., Maccari S. and Darnaudéry M.
Effect of prenatal stress on alcohol preference and sensitivity to chronic alcohol exposure in male rats
Psychopharmacology, Vol. 214, Issue 1, p 197, 2011

16)  Van Waes V., Beverley J., Marinelli M. and Steiner H.
SSRI antidepressants potentiate methylphenidate (Ritalin)-induced gene regulation in the adolescent striatum
European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 32, p 435-447, 2010

17)  Steiner H., Van Waes V. and Marinelli M.
Fluoxetine potentiates methylphenidate-induced gene regulation in addiction related brain regions: concerns for use of cognitive enhancers?
Biological Psychiatry, Vol. 67, Issue 6, p 592-594, 2010.

18)  Van Waes V., Enache M., Zuenna A.R., Mairesse J., Nicoletti F., Vinner E., Lhermitte M., Maccari S. and Darnaudéry M.
Ethanol attenuates spatial memory deficits and increases mGlu1a receptor expression in the hippocampus of rats exposed to prenatal stress
Alcoholism: Clinical and experimental research, Vol. 33/8, p 1346-1354, 2009

19)  Van Waes V.*, Enache M.*, Vinner E., Lhermitte M., Maccari S. and Darnaudéry M.
Impact of an acute exposure to ethanol on the oxidative stress status in the hippocampus of prenatally stressed adolescent male rats
Brain Research, Vol. 1191C, p 55-62, 2007 (* co-first authors)

20)  Van Waes V., Enache M., Dutriez I., Lesage J., Morley-Fletcher S., Vinner E., Lhermitte M., Vieau D., Maccari S. and Darnaudéry M.
Hyporesponse of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis after an ethanol challenge in prenatally stressed adolescent male rats
European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 24. Issue 4, p 1193-1200, 2006

Ouvrages et Chapitres de livres

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• Van Waes V. and Steiner H.
SSRI antidepressants potentiate addiction-related gene regulation by psychostimulant medications (Book Chapter)
In: Fluoxetine: Pharmacology, Mechanisms of Action and Potential Side Effects.
Nova Biomedical, Chapter 11, p207-226, 2015

• Van Waes V. 
Vulnérabilité à l'alcool chez le rat: Impact du stress prénatal. Comment un stress précoce peut avoir des répercussions tout au long de la vie.
Éditions Universitaires Européennes, 2011


• Co-Directeur Master 2 "Physiologie, neurosciences et comportement" 

• Responsable de l'unité Physiologie cellulaire et tissulaire
Licence Sciences de la Vie (1ère année)

• Responsable de l'unité Neurobiologie et neurophysiologie cellulaire
Master 1 Physiologie, Neurosciences et Comportement

• Responsable de l'unité Méthodologies, Outis et Applications en Neurosciences
Master 2 Physiologie, Neurosciences et Comportement

• Neurosciences intégratives: Cours magistraux, travaux dirigés et travaux pratiques
Licence Sciences de la Vie (1ère et 2ème année), Licence de Psychologie (3ème année), Médecine (3ème année), Master Physiologie, Neurosciences et Comportement, Master BIOPS, Master psychologie