Les conférences du LINC : 27-05-24

Dans le cadres des conférences du LINC, Kuei Tseng, professeur a l’Université de l’Illinois Chicago donnera une conférence au sein de notre laboratoire.

Titre : Developmental Impact of Early Life Adversity on Corticolimbic Circuit Maturation

Auteur : Kuei Tseng, UIC, Chicago, USA. (Télécharger son CV)

Date : 27 mai 2024.

Lieu : Amphithéâtre à l’UFR Santé (à définir).

Abstract : Exposure to early life adversity (ELA) is known to negatively impact the development of neural circuits controlling threat detection, leading to cognitive and emotional dysregulation later in life. Yet, the underlying mechanisms contributing to such behavioral deficits remain elusive due to our limited understanding of key neural maturation events that are sensitive to ELA. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) and interconnected corticolimbic circuits are likely to play a pivotal role in driving the circuit-level effects of ELA, given its protracted developmental trajectory and high reactivity to stress. Here I will present unpublished data and discuss key concepts on how sensitive neurodevelopmental processes become vulnerable to the impact of ELA, with emphasis on PFC-interconnected neural circuits that undergo functional remodeling during the adolescent period. Of particular interest is the gain of PFC GABAergic and NMDAR function and the re-calibration of local excitatory-inhibitory synaptic activity balance, a hallmark of PFC maturation that is intimately linked to the development of cognitive functioning.